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THUMP-AIR 4 Stroke Ultralight Aircraft Engine

THUMP-AIR 4 Stroke Ultralight Aircraft Engine

Finally a long awaited solution for the 4 stroke ultralight aircraft engine dilema! THUMP-AIR 4 stroke engines boast significant torque delivery in a lightweight package ready to help you soar to new heights. Due to its excellent torque delivery, this sub 65 lb powerhouse will help you make the best of the legal fuel limit, while also helping you shed those precious pounds to stay part 103 compliant! Badland Aircraft was able to build a complete aircraft weighing in at only 243 lbs, leaving 11 lbs to spare for additional equipment that you long for.


THUMP-AIR engines are built to run on easy to acquire premium pump gas, and use easily found oil and maintenace parts. No more mixing gas and oil, or hunting for REC and AV gas. Each engine is spec'd, clearanced, balanced, and hand assembled for excellent fit and finish. THUMP-AIR is availbe in a redrive up or down configuration to fit a variety of aircraft, and use a reliable and simple poly-v belt for easy inspection and maintenance. Charging system not included but available for additional charge.

Here are some quick facts:


-460 cc's

-4 stroke


-38 hp (hp varies based on climate, fuel, altitude, individual dynomometer and a variety of other factors)

-65 lbs all up ready to fly including prop (can vary (+/-)based on actual engine configuration)

-300 hour TBO

-91 octane pump gas

-available with electric or pull start or both

-parts available in the USA

-conversion parts are built in house and can be custom ordered to fit your needs

-built with passion by true aviators


All engines are built to order. Please allow 90 days for delivery.

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